JB and JB performing together in 2013 on May 2nd & 4th

Posted By on March 11, 2013


My favorite for live entertainer is Jimmy Buffett (and I’ve been to several concerts starting back in the late 1970s) with my favorite songwriter and performer Jackson Browne together in Texas this May … wow, what great concerts (I probably listen to the Pandora station Jackson Browne more than any other station – check it out).


For a concert like this, I’d like to be a jetsetter and fly off to Austin or Dallas for the weekend, especially if my hearing was better (although hearing loss probably doesn’t make much of a difference in a stadium concert setting?)

Jimmy Buffett — Margaritaville – performed on the Tonight Show in 1981 MP3
Jackson Browne — Running on Empty – LIVE MP3 1977



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