Kickstarter project: Shorts with a waterproof pocket

Posted By on May 30, 2013

Although there might be a way to improve on the “hatch” in order to store a phone, wallet, car remote, etc … these Stash Waterproof Pocket Shorts are a great idea for beach-goers, water sport enthusiasts or … cough, cough … sailing. I’d like to think the new upstart company will raise the funding, but as someone pointed out, “why not just put your stuff in a waterproof case” (or as I usually do, a ziplock bag). We’ll see if the Kickstarter project is able to raise the $135,000 funding before the window draws to a close?


Tom Turner / Founder & Inventor: Tom started Stash Incorporated with a love of the outdoors and a passion for design. Born and raised in Alaska, Tom now lives in Salt Lake City, Utah – where he’ll use any excuse to go hike Canyonlands. Growing up in Alaska instilled the importance of being prepared while outdoors, and the Stash Pocket is a direct reflection of that sensibility. Tom has also owned and managed a successful local business for the past 5 years.

Dave Vogt / Product Mgr: Transplanted from Buffalo, NY via Pittsburgh, PA with a degree in Industrial Design at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Dave is an avid mountain biker, skier, and river guide. He has 6+ years’ experience in the action sports industry collaborating with outdoor companies such as; Black Diamond Equipment, Smith Optics, Anon Snowboards, Goal Zero Power, and Goldcoast Skateboards. Currently, Dave is a product designer at the lifestyle audio brand; Skullcandy.

Bryce Karlman / Testing & Product Lifecycle: Bryce has been an Outdoor Professional for almost ten years. His experience includes guiding, teaching outdoor survival skills and traveling all over North America. Bryce is also a product tester and ambasador for companies such as; Gore-Tex, Teva, Easton Mountain Sports, Pelican, and now Stash Incorporated.

Frankie Corrigan / Stash’s earliest adopter and partner, Frankie’s a great friend and long time morning radio show host at 97.1 KZHT here in Salt Lake City. When he’s not on the radio, he can be found exploring southern Utah or creeping around the Everglades photographing wildlife.

Dustin Hedstrom / Partner: Dustin is an early believer in Stash and outdoor fanatic who can be found hiking, climbing, motorcycling, scuba diving and just about anything else you can think of.

Ben Jensen / NYC Ad guy now in SLC, Graduate of Clemson University School of Business and close friend to Stash Incorporated who can get anything done or sourced! Ben is founder of Jensen + Project, so he’s really into disruptive brands, verticals and stuff like that.


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