Big government policies = slow economy and no jobs

Posted By on July 7, 2013

Having a recent college graduated living at home and looking to start his career gives me intimate insight on what young adults and their parents are facing. The frustration exacerbates the strong opinions regarding the new health care law and the economic policies put in place by the federal government under the leadership of President Obama. graduateunemployedI don’t question big government proponents idealistically believe their policies are best for the country, but at the same time wonder just how stagnant and sluggish the economy will have to remain  before our citizens (particularly the idealistic younger voters) decide that centralized controls are inefficient and cost society in not just dollars, but in future growth. The lifeblood of our country is a strong economy and without policies that encourage expanding business (less regulation, tax planning certainty, global competitiveness), there isn’t a compelling reason for companies to hire fulltime U.S. employees or to increase compensation to those who are employed. I’ve watched as business managers ask more from their current employees and keep those willing to be more productive. If additional production is needed, squeeze more from those who are already receiving benefits or add part time employees perhaps even an unpaid intern that was once was an entry level position?

College graduates are almost happy to be offered an another no or underpaid internship seeing it better than part time work in retail or food service. Those with student loans are almost forced into continuing with college and borrowing even more money … otherwise they face the prospect of paying back their student debt while working part time and living at home. petermoriciFor those with college debt and degrees that do not prepare them for real-world careers (too many), I’m not sure what the answer is … but know that adding more bureaucracy is not the answer or a sustainable solution.

I heard an interesting 2+ minutes from the UMD business professor Peter Morici this morning discussing how businesses are dealing with the future … it is worth sharing.

Peter Morici(mp3) July 7, 2013


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