Freedompop announces a new Sprint 4G LTE and 3G hotspot

Posted By on August 7, 2013

A  new LTE device launched yesterday according to an email I receive regarding a service inquiry I made.


Thanks for your interested in FreedomPop’s very first 4G LTE capable device, the Freedom Spot 5580 LTE mobile hotspot. The 5580 LTE hotspot can connect up to 10 wifi capable devices and experience average speeds of 6-8Mbps down with peaks upwards to 25Mbps. It also, has the ability to connect to Sprint’s nationwide 3G network, so that you can stay connected everywhere in the US. The device comes with an OLED device display, GPS capabilities (over Wifi) and advanced security options. Similar to our other 4G/3G hotspots, 3G fallback does come at a small cost, but we do offer a 4G LTE only Free plan.

-4G Only-
500MB – FREE

-4G with 3G Fallback-
500MBs $3.99/mo
2GBs $19.99/mo
3GBs $28.99/mo
4GBs $34.99/mo
5GBs $39.99/mo
10GBs $89.99/mo

To check out more about the device or to get one for yourself, feel free to visit


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