The Apple rumors are rolling today …

Posted By on August 13, 2013

New devices, September dates, bigger screened iPhones, Carl Icahn taking a position in $AAPL stock. As the Mazda ad goes … zoom, zoom.


Reportedly, Apple Inc (AAPL) will unveil its much anticipated next generation iPhone on Sep 10. The device tentatively called iPhone 5S (can be 6 also) is rumored to feature a larger screen, faster processor, and a higher resolution camera.

iPhone enthusiasts also believe that Apple will introduce a fingerprint sensor in the upcoming device. The rumor mill started rolling post Apple’s acquisition of fingerprint security provider Authentec in 2012. Additionally, the new iPhone is also rumored to be available in gold (to-date iPhone was available only in black and white color).

Apple is also likely to release a low cost iPhone for the mid-range smartphone market during the Sep 10 event. The device called iPhone 5C (C possibly represents various color options) is expected to have a plastic back cover developed from polycarbonate and glass fiber.

Both the iPhone versions are expected to be powered by the new iOS 7, which Apple previewed in worldwide developer’s conference (“WWDC”) in June. The new operating system features a different look compared to the older versions in terms of menus and icons.


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