Pediatric Medicine: Buzzy for pain free shots

Posted By on October 11, 2013

Buzzy®When information on Buzzy came to my inbox, I had to forward the URL to my daughter just in case she wasn’t aware of it as won’t be long before she’ll be finished with her residency. She is currently in her third year at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus and will soon be joining or starting a practice. Buzzy might be just the thing to improve a doctors’ bedside manners and keep patients returning and passing along positive comments. 

Buzzy is a reusable and inexpensive device that provides natural pain relief.  Gate control is the basis for the device and it works by confusing the body’s own nerves and distracting attention away from the poke. The stimulation dulls or eliminating sharp pain from shots, itching, or burning from medications. It has been independently verified by research and can be used for dentistry, immunizations, splinter removal, flu injections, etc. 

Buzzy®’s contoured design tucks under a standard tourniquet, or fits easily in the hand to deliver powerful pain blocking right where you need it. This more compact Buzzy® optimally delivers vibration, even for smaller hands or locations. Buzzy® leaves fingers free to help with needle procedures. Durable design. Comes with 2 reusable single-patient slip on Softies Wings, comfort strap, instructions, and batteries.  Single screw makes replacing AAA batteries simple!

Check it out — buy a Buzzy.


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