Nationwide Children’s Hospital/OSU Pediatric residency

Posted By on March 18, 2011


This past Thursday, March 17th, was an exciting day at Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine (NEOUCOM) as most in the graduating class of 2011 received their “match” for residency. Each medical school across the nation has a slightly different ceremony, but each graduating M4 senior finds out NCH_birdseye-view-WITH-nbbjwhich hospital they “match” with on exactly the same day (see Match Day post) – minus those having to “scramble.” 

Thankfully the nail-biting news for our daughter Katelyn was all positive; she matched with her first choice … Nationwide Children’s Hospital/Ohio State University Pediatric Residency Program in Columbus, Ohio. New first year residents start working this summer and will finalized their formal schooling by graduation in May. The new group of graduates starting at Nationwide are coming from 14 different medical schools: Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine, Case Western, Indiana University, NEOUCOM, New York University, Ohio State University, University of Louisville, University of Missouri, University of New Mexico, University of Pennsylvania, University of Toledo, Wake Forest University, West Virginia University, and Wright State University.

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Katelyn receiving and opening her “match” letter

IMG_4829 IMG_4823
IMG_4821 IMG_4789
Friends gathering for a reception after the “match ceremony” at NEOUCOM.

After the reception, we went to dinner and began to think about the moving logistics and timing. Dr. Drew (already a first year resident in Columbus) offered up his warning to be prepared for a mountain of paperwork before seeing her first patient; he will hopefully will be a big help in closing in on an apartment and adjusting to work in Columbus. Thankfully Katelyn and another friend from NEOUCOM are already discussing the idea of sharing an apartment – that might work out nice?


One of the more interesting traditions is the bowl of dollars (photo above). Each person from the class puts one dollar in the bowl as they come forward to open and announce their “match.” The names are randomly drawn and the last name picked receives half the raffle money, although supposedly it is protocol to buy drinks at the evening party? The other half is given to a worthy community medical charity. The sum is tidy since attending parents, professors and doctors are encouraged (and there is some arm twisting of each other) to donate to the bowl – it is a fun tradition.

All in all … we had a good time and were very proud of our little girl. Congratulations Katelyn for all of your hard work and for matching at Nationwide in Columbus … I know that made her very happy.



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