The government shuts down and they are not even talking

Posted By on October 1, 2013

Once again our dysfunctional federal government reared its ugly head and made many of us wonder why we continue to send money to Washington DC?  The taxpayer continues to be squeezed by our bloated bureaucrats who can’t seem live on the nearly trillion dollars we send them each year — it’s ridiculous!  

From my fiscal conservative point of view, today’s government shut down has more to do with future obligations associated with Obamacare than it does with improving health care … but fighting it now is a lose, lose proposition.  I don’t like the federal government dictating one more area of our lives, health care, but I’m of the opinion that The Affordable Care Act is here to stay and we’re going to have to make the best of it. If it were me, I’d let it play out and let Democrats take ownership of the quality of Obamacare … sooner or later the cost overruns and begging for more money along with the overall frustration by those signing up will have them looking for a way out. Republicans should save their political powder for the debt ceiling argument and fighting for tax reform. You’ll have plenty of chances to point out how costly and inefficient Obamacare is … and be sure to hold Democrats to their promised savings and proposed spending levels.  A winning strategy is not to fighting a losing battle today, but to focus on strengthening private sector jobs and economic growth, with a continuing effort to reduce the size and reach of the federal government in other areas. 


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