Woodworking: The best material for a table saw throat plate

Posted By on December 18, 2013


When needing to make precise cuts or dadoes on the table saw, I have found that making them from the marine material Starboard is the best (shop around for price). Most likely the experts in woodworking have found other stock that would just as well, like the self-healing cutting board material, but since I had a few extra cut-off from boating projects this worked great for me. I just outline with a pencil from a previous throat plate, rough cut on the bandsaw an finish to fit with a sander … just be careful not to overheat or load up the sanding disk. The material that I used is just thick enough to permit four screws that can be tweaked to offer a perfectly flushed table top surface and the plastic material is both stiff and slick enough for wood to slip nicely, whether using a fence or slide.


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