Drywall and trim repairs begin and a left behind business card

Posted By on June 9, 2014


Originally, Sunday afternoon was going to be spent outside power washing the the pool deck and patio furniture, but that had to change due a slow drizzling rain that lingered most of the day. changingroom_damage140608It became a perfect day to tackle a long overdue project … the pool house changing room now that Pumpy Umpy is in his new hutch at Katelyn’s in Columbus (and soon to Minneapolis). The little fellow’s damage was substantial, but for my part, I didn’t stop him after the first few chews figuring it wasn’t worth banning him to his cage since the woodwork and drywall would need to be replaced anyway. So Sunday afternoon I started the project. It will be a small, but fun, project … besides the changing room, hallway and bathroom needed to be pained anyway. Life with pets!

My son sent me something on Sunday that made him smile (and me too).

On Saturday, Senator Tom Carper, serving as chairman for the Transportation and Infrastructure subcommittee for the US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, made a swing through Williston North Dakota and stopped by the Williams County Planning office where Taylor works. It was the weekend and Taylor wasn’t there, but according to Eric, “his newspaper reporter friend,” traveling with the senator, Carper enjoyed seeing the Ohio State Buckeye items hanging around Taylor’s office space. He then took a moment to write a “Go Bucks!” note on a business card and left it on Taylor’s computer keyboard. Nice touch Senator.



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