Happy 25th Birthday Taylor with a little throwback video

Posted By on June 10, 2014


Happy Birthday to my son Taylor … and since we can’t be with him this year, I did a little reminiscing after receiving DVDs from our Corbett Chronicles home videos (#Throwback Thursday Tuesday). In the past we’ve made an effort to celebrate “in person,” but Williston, North Dakota is just a little bit too far (maybe later this summer). I’ll include a recent photo (above) from a few weeks ago, with a little Photoshop tweaking).

I hope he received our birthday box of goodies by mail and will be able to celebrate the evening with his buddies … if not, here’s a good memory from when he was a few years younger running Grandpa Howard’s prized John Deere dozer in the woods (what boy wouldn’t like driving a bulldozer?)


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