Finally had a noticeable dent repaired on my Mercedes 300D

Posted By on June 19, 2014

My old Mercedes Benz will never be a show car, but it never fails to attract looks or comments whether I’m traveling the interstates, filling up at the diesel pump or just running errands around town. It still has a couple scratches, a few bubbling rust spots and several minor leftover hail dimples on the hood … but today a noticeable door ding is no-more.

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The repaire was my first experience in using a “dent repair guy” on a vehicle … and I must say Ryan did a pretty nice job ($125 “friend of a friend” discount). He mentioned that he was not entirely satisfied with the horizontal crease removal and that working the heavier Mercedes steel a bit more difficult, but to me the repair makes a world of a difference; I doubt it will be noticed by the casual observer. I would promote his mobile dent repair service, but I’m not sure he would want me to give out his phone number since he works primarily for car dealers. If you are considering a “dent-repair, beware because it sounds as if there are plenty of “hacks” in his trade.



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