News tidbits that interested me today … and a 6 year old post

Posted By on June 18, 2014

Lots of odds and ends in the news this Wednesday afternoon.

bezowithfirephone140618First the Fed is not talking inflation and will be continuing with the expected $10 billion taper. Second, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezo introduced Amazon’s newest device called the Fire Phone … looks nice, but time will tell. It’s a 4.7” screen device with a rubberized case protecting the bezel and a 5-element 13-megapixel camera. Third, the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office has gone politically active in “canceling the Washington Redskins” trademark registration. The argument is not whether or not the name is “disparaging,” but if the federal agency should have changed their mind after a private organization received protection and invested heavily in building their “name based” franchise.

But what brought a bigger smile today was a filler post from 6 years ago while vacationing in Florida with the family. Those taking a family vacation this summer, be sure to appreciate the “family time” kids grow up fast.

Taylor and Katelyn in Delray Beach, Florida, June 18, 2008


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