A cooler mid-July followed by a weak to moderate El Niño

Posted By on July 12, 2014

In planning our upcoming trip visiting the kids, a quick search of the weather indicated that we are in for a cooling spell which will feel good in mid-July IF it happens. MidJuly2014WeatherI also ran across the  National Weather Service predictions for a weak-to-moderate El Niño. According to the NOAA site, “typical El Niño impacts in the U.S. include above-average rainfall in the West and suppressed hurricane activity in the East, although neither is guaranteed and largely dependent on El Niño’s strength.” I don’t have a problem with the “suppressed hurricane activity” but then it only takes one coming ashore to wreak havoc and devastation.

Evenings here in SW Ohio have been very pleasant this past week and have given both Brenda and I time outside in order to work in the yard and enjoy the summer weather and the lower than normal humidity. I continued my lumberjack-lite imitation and split some of the logs from last weekend; this was reminiscent of our early years when we heated our house with wood and coal. We always stayed warm.


It still felt good putting away some seasoned firewood for winter … even though with our gas furnace it is not a necessity anymore. I kind of miss those early years.


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