Worth it? Six months with Sodastream and Diet Coke

Posted By on July 13, 2014

In analyzing my Sodastream Christmas gift from the kids … after polishing off the original soda flavors … my 5 gallons of Diet Coke concentrate will last about 6 months. dietcokeemptyMy wife Brenda unfortunately did not become a fan (lifetime Diet Pepsi addict) although I adjusted my daily refreshments choice to primarily the paintball carbonator version of Diet Coke.  I still treat myself to the occasional Diet Mountain Dew (my favorite) so that may skew the “priceonomics” when doing accurate financial calculations … but have concluded my modified Sodastream use is about two $60 cubes per year plus about twelve 20 ounce CO2 carbonator refills – one per month ($3.99 at Dick’s Sporting Goods). This totals to about $170 per year … which still seems extravagant until I compare it to my approximately “one case of cans per week” calculation – 52 x $6/case (avg) = $320 per year. All in all IF I could switch totally I’m looking at about a $150 per year savings.

Marketing: Notice “all” the bottle shapes on this Diet Coke/Taylor Swift video. Smile

EDIT: Hmm, just realized that we also recycle our cans which just last week paid us $40 for a carload (plus a few aluminum printing plates). Maybe that tweaks my savings per year to about $130??? Also, in my opinion, adding the small Sodastream on Encore make even more sense. No cans or bottles to haul from the store to the boat or boat to the trash … a no-brainer.



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