TechFriday: MeteoEarth website, mobile app and weather

Posted By on October 10, 2014


Sort of a timely website find if you are an amateur meteorologist or just enjoy watching and learning about weather. Check out or their MeteroEarth smartphone app for $2.99. (explainer video) There are some pretty powerful meteoearthappstorefeatures and the real time software offers stunning visual views of weather happenings — like the current Typhoon Vongfong in the western Pacific.


The storm (above from the International Space Station – click for larger) was a monster storm and comparable to a Cat 5 hurricane in the Atlantic. Meteorologists say that it is winding down but still projected to cause significant damage when it comes ashore this weekend in Okinawa. “It could be devastating when it comes ashore in Japan,” remarked Peter Saskina who has been plotting and tracking for the last week.


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