More frames: when is it too much of a good thing?

Posted By on December 16, 2014

moreframes141210When my wife sets her mind to something, she goes “full in.” I’m so glad she is not a gambler.

It started as a simple project; she wanted an antique frame. So began the process of shopping estate sales, and bidding on online auction sites like our local EBTH and eBay. Eventually the looking turned to buying, then the driving to pick them up and shipping (ugh!) … oh and check out the packaging job on the one below!

pickingupframe141215Anyway by the time she had found the perfect frame she ended up also buying a new art piece and a bunch of extra antique frames. Some of them need work, but then too much work might deter from them being antique? What to do, what to do?

My thought is to “resell” them, but then Brenda may have other ideas. Before long we (and our kids!) will run out of wall space. So much for eventually moving on to a sailboat.


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