Volatile up then down day for the U.S. stock market

Posted By on January 13, 2015

djiagraph150113When looking at the U.S. financial indices for the first half of January 2015, one would be hard pressed to believe the optimistic opinions from most financial analysts and those talking about the domestic economy. Most cite the low interest environment and low energy prices as a reason to be optimistic, but day to day movement on Wall Street tells a different story … one that may look more like a roller coaster.

After a early morning “off to the races” move for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the markets slid over fears of “deflation” worldwide. The triple-digit swings are becoming more normal as perhaps should be expected as the Dow now trades in the 17,500 point level. Still going up 1.5% then down 1% is 400 points – not something that is easy to get use too.



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