How is Ting doing since our switch from Sprint?

Posted By on March 5, 2015

This months bill should be a interesting test for our Ting cellphone service. I will eventually add billing information to this post (below). With two iPhones on our account and a little more travel this past 4 week invoice, we used a few more minutes and megabytes than usual on our phones, but no matter, as it will still be lower than Sprint, Verizon and AT&T.


The Ting service is the most economical IF you can stay within their predetermined monthly “chunks” for lack of a better term in order stay in the lower priced tiers. Each jump makes a big impact on a monthly invoice. Originally though, when I mention my disappointment with a significant increase in a monthly bill based on our account being a few minutes (or megabytes) over … the customer rep told me not to be worried with slight overages as Ting often monitors their customers and keeps them in the lower tier.  If this is the case, it is smart PR.

We’ll see how February’s bill is handled considering I “think” we were a few phone minutes over and I know we were a few megabytes over the lower billing tiers? (this will be a good test and I’ll include the info below when it is available!)


UPDATE: The Ting bill arrived and is about as fair as they could be with the minutes used (was over by 1 minute but billed me for lower level). I used both the Freedompop Voice and Text app and Google Hangout app to make free outbound calls over WiFi which keeps minutes off my Ting bill and probably saved me the L to XL bump of $17+tax — a nice savings each month. Compare your “necessary” use and consider looking into Ting as it definitely saves money without sacrificing in quality (in fact, Ting customer service is way above average).



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