Freedompop Voice and Text app for the iPhone – not bad!

Posted By on May 7, 2014

Posted this to Freedompop’s forum and thought I would archive it. If you are confused about Freedompop getting into the voice and text business, check out this clear as mud article in the Motley Fool.

I’ve been running the Freedompop Voice and Text app for a few days before going "full in" with the Freedompop phone. So far, so good, on both my iPhone5 and iPad. I’d be interested to know how the "app" differs from the Freedompop "phone plan?" FreedompopPhoneTetApp140430I assume the normal Apple phone application is bypassed along with a few of the features? (tested the "Blocking a Contact" feature and that does not work – LINK.

Differences aside, the call quality has been excellent … actually perfect. SMS service works well but be prepared to give up the normal Apple group messaging. Also, don’t try to send MMS photos, etc to those who are not inclined to join the Freedompop world (it requires them to download an app … and "oh the confusion" when the less technical see the message (a friend — perhaps ex-friend — with a Samsung Galaxy S3 had to reset her phone after she tried to launch the app and it locked things up after draining the battery. Although YMMV).

Another point is that the Freedompop Voice and Text app needs to be running (launched). Some of us regularly are "flicking" apps closed, rebooting the phone just to purge to many open items. If you do that, don’t forget to relaunch the FP app or you text messages won’t work, phone will not ring or VM will not give you an alert.

Of lessor concern is in using the same Freedompop account (or email address) for other devices you might have. The new app require a new account for every device. (ie. One email address for my MiFi500, one for my iPhone and another for my iPad) Seems like there should be a way to use one account and "maybe" share the data and minutes (ok, that last one is probably asking for too much.)

All in all, the service has not failed me in the week that I’ve been texting and calling with both devices. Having a "phone" on the iPad is pretty nice, although the earbud hangup button doesn’t work with the Freedompop app … nor is it an iPad formatted app or set up for landscape viewing. My BT earpiece works well too, although I haven’t tried mading too many calls outside strong LTE and 3G coverage areas. Maybe I’ll do a follow up on a trip later this week?

I’m still happy with the MiFi 500 LTE device … great speeds on the boat and “pretty good” where LTE is available in Ohio.

If you are interesting in FREE wireless  … check out Freedompop and become one of my Freedom Friends (share excess data).


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