Those pesky geese are looking for a place to lay their eggs

Posted By on April 7, 2015


It’s the time of year when our neighborhood ducks and geese look for a place to nest, while being pretty annoying … especially when depositing their “lovely droppings” all over the driveway, road and OUR ROOF. Who knows why our dog Tootsie thinks they are “dog treats,” but just like worms after a rain, she licks them up as she greets us home from work … lick, lick, lick. UGH! 

Today’s pair of geese were bold enough to sit patiently for their portrait on the roof when I’d much rather have them move along. Eventually a small stone encouraged them to find someone else’s roof to sit on … for now.

GeeseOnRoof_porch_150406 GeeseOnRoof_porch2_150406


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