Corrosion and planning updates to anchor and chain

Posted By on June 16, 2015

The photo above is not mine (thankfully) but from a sailing aquaintance anchoring in SE Asia. He has been noticing fairly rapid chain corrosion in only 3 years and in particular on his anchor shackle. It spends a significant amount of time under the saltwater and we suspect that the shackle of inferior grade — either the galvanizing of the shackle or steel grade used to make it … or both.

So before purchasing inexpensive chain, anchors or shackles from sources unknown, realize that sometimes it comes back to bite you.

I mentioned that I have a similar situation with the chain on Encore. Both ends of my 80 feet of chain has a “questionable” link … one that is about 4 feet from the anchor shackle and those two links (and only two links) have rusted substantially more than the others. I had thought it may have been the link which came in contact with the windlass gypsy, but at 4' from the shackle this doesn't make sense. So I'd like to figure this out before starting the upgrade process. Any thoughts?



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