Contemplating sailboat anchors and anchor chain options

Posted By on May 17, 2015


I’m looking for some anchor chain advice and before posting to a sailing/cruising forum and figured posting the links to my blog might be a good first start. In April I cut off a rusted link from Encore’s anchor chain and brought home a 4 foot length to measure, inspect and contemplate re-galvanizing (also to fit in a chain gypsy). My first dilemma is to decipher the imprinted code (click for larger above although I can’t read it?) and determine if it is even the correct anchor chain and worth re-galvanizing. Second, if I replace, I’d like to keep the current 75 feet of chain and 100 feet of nylon as a back-up. On previous boats we had shorter chain but twin anchors. On this boat I’d rather have a rock solid primary Rocna or Mantus and enough chain to do a 5 to 1 in 25-30 feet of water (150’ of chain) … plus snubber and extra nylon rode.




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