Preparations for the EAA Chapter 284 TailDragger FlyIn

Posted By on August 13, 2015


This year’s September 5th and 6th Red Stewart Airshow and our  EAA284 TalilDragger FlyIn not until Labor Day weekend in September, but with my full plate I want to get my part done early. I’ve been up most every morning this week with Brenda (pain issues), and so while the PT/OT persona was at the house went to fill out and pick up the Health Permit from Warren County (county to my east). Thankfully I’ve got the procedure down to a science and have saved the drawings and paperwork WarrenCountyHealthOffice150from previous years in order to expedite the process. The fee for our one-day Pancake breakfast has inched back up again … now $18.00 to hold the breakfast. While they were typing up the new permit, I decide to see the ups and downs …

Previous years:

2014 – $15.00
2013 – $13.00
2012 – $10.00
2011 – $15.00
2010 – $15.00
2009 – $12.50
2008 – $ 7.50
2007 – $ 9.50



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