Rehabilitation Birthday wishes to my wife Brenda

Posted By on August 12, 2015

Those having endured recovering and rehab know the challenges ahead for Brenda and those following my limited blog posts probably know what I’ve been pre-occupied with after my wife’s fall and my dad’s stroke … but we’re moving forward.


Today (August 12th) is my wife’s birthday … hardly a “yippee” event this year … but yesterday we met with the surgeon for some “post-op” good news.  All was looking good on the new X-Rays (above/below) and  Brenda’s surgical staple could come out. It also meant that she could keep the incision uncovered and get it wet! Showers, bathing, the hot tub and maybe the pool for a little light movement (no weight for 6 weeks on the left hip or shoulder). Still we are thankful for the progress and medical science … and the many friends and family offering prayers and support. She still has a long … and unfortunately painful … rehabilitation ahead.
Sad smile
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My Dad:
He is a comfortable as possible and between Ron, Claire, me and many caretakers is being kept as comfortable as possible while the human body goes through the shutdown process. His breathing is slowing (and shallower now) and he is medicated for pain and to keep his temperature from spiking too high – a challenge. It probably won’t be long, but one never knows. He will soon be home.


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