Second GOP debate: Fiorina and Rubio stood out

Posted By on September 17, 2015

Last night’s second GOP debate on CNN at the Reagan Library wasn’t bad as debates go. The current frontrunner, the attention grabbing Donald Trump did one thing for the Republican brand … he got generated attention. His grade school behavior buffoonery brought far viewers to  the stodgy GOP and that alone could help Republicans ideas win back the Whitehouse in 2016. Only time will tell.


In watching the back and forth, most of the candidates were knowledgeable and left viewers with a sense that they understood the difficulties we face as a country. None have enough time to fully detail their foreign or domestic policies (if they have a polished plan) or do much more than quickly demonstrate knowledge and get in a zinger or joke. All looked far more prepared due to needing to be sharp enough to hold their own in a debate … I’m not so sure for the Democrats?

My winners (1, 2, 3 above) this go around were Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio and a surprisingly good showing by Chris Christie … although I’m not sure his bigger government is what most conservative Republicans are looking for? I suspect he, along with Bush and Kasich wouldn’t attempt to change Washington DC all that much … just work with both parties and negotiate as in the past (well not the past 6 years!) – if that is what Americans want, then those three are probably mainline picks.


Donald Trump is the obvious “wild hair (not a reference to his “squirrel”) when it comes to what he would or wouldn’t do in the Whitehouse. Fiorina and Rubio impressed me most with their debate preparation and knowing foreign affairs. Carly Fiorina definitely had passion and was able to verbalize the frustration many have with the direction we are heading. Her “secretary to CEO” experience is exactly what Americans believe is possible when applying intelligence, hard work and good decision-making. Marco Rubio has a lot going for him as well in living the American Dream from a first generation immigrate family. He is young, from a necessary state – Florida and represents Republicans and conservatism well. He life is a bit more “common” than most in that he knows what it is like to work his way up, take out loans for school … and he is young enough as to not have drifted into the political Washington DC insider like most politicians.

All in all, those of us looking for substance were able to come away with a few candidate that intrigued us. I’m more hopeful now that I was a day or a month ago.
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