A day with doctors and shoulder surgery follow-up

Posted By on September 29, 2015

It was the first day of rain and ugly weather that we’ve had here RainyDay150929in Cincinnati for a while as we have had a near perfect end to summer and beginning of fall … so, it was not all that bad of a day for doctor appointments. First, I had my annual physical knowing that that “oh so exciting” referral for a colonoscopy was coming. My last was in 2009 and I’m past due for another; Oh, yippee! (/sarcasm)

After the check up it was off to Brenda’s surgeon’s office for a follow-up on her hip and her shoulder surgerywhich went great. Her fractured pelvis is healing and her rehab progress is better than expected. Dr. Wyrick discussed LooseBoneMaterial150929the new updated x-rays and pointed out the continuing new bone growth … as well as the unfortunately missed shard of bone from her “blown up shoulder” or it may have worked its way loose from reconstruction area during rehab? The new “bionic” humerus fits perfectly and after seeing her active movement (about 90 degrees on her own) and her passive movement (close to 180 degrees), he was pleased. I remember after the surgery, Dr Wyrick told me that he expected her to regain about 80%, so today Brenda told him emphatically that she was going to regain 100%. He smiled and said, “if you do, I’m going to write it up in a medical journal.”  I think she just might!


All in all it was a very positive check-up … and Brenda has been cleared for some light resistance (15 lb maximum lifting). As of mid-October she will be able to go back to work and resume her daily activities (she is finally able to sleep in a bed this past week – woohoo – a major relief and only appreciated by those who are only comfortable in a pillow filled recliner).

It has been a challenging couple of months for Brenda (and me) but we are thankful to live in a time and a place where have the care offered by a big city Trauma 1 facility and have skilled surgeons like Dr. John Wyrick. For all the depressing politics pertaining to our country’s costly healthcare, our world leadership and our stagnant economy, I’m still grateful to be living in the United States of America in 2015.

Dr John Wyrick with UC Health Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine


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