Replacing a Volvo Penta raw water pump on our sailboat

Posted By on November 25, 2015


As mentioned last week, the Volvo raw water pump (840557) aboard Encore was beginning to drip. This usually indicate a little corrosion (cough, cough) and leakage around the seal closest to the impeller. Instead of sending the pump out to be re-built for $165, decided to purchase a new Johnson “direct replacement” (10-24707-01) pump ($350) from a guy wanting to reduce his new pump inventory – $225 shipped. I’m thinking about ordering seals and rebuilding mine myself for a spare? Hopefully with a little careful learning, I’ll be able to clean things up and replace the seals at home on the workbench without damaging the shaft (most common “home” re-builder issue). This will make for two spares in my inventory … maybe I should sell one? So far so good … now to find the best price for the seals.

VolvoPenta_corrosion  VolvoPentaRawWaterPumpDisassembled


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