Another mirror bites the dust, this time on my Honda Pilot

Posted By on November 27, 2015

HondaPilotMirrorThere is something about mirrors, garage doors and Brenda that do not get along. This time it was pulling into the garage, not backing out – I’m suspecting her weak left arm??? Unfortunately the flexing or snapping was so hard that it also broke the driver’s window. Wow!

Thankfully, Rich at Kiss Autoglass was able to quickly replace the side glass ($170) so I opted not to submit an insurance claim. Also, I did a little shopping on Ebay and made a $50 offer for a used mirror (listed $79.99) which was accepted. Hopefully it will match and then will a little door buffing and a single door “re-tint” ($$$) … I’ll have the aging 2006 Honda Pilot looking as good as new? We’ll see how it goes.



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