Encore is having water pump woes … drip, drip, drip

Posted By on November 20, 2015

Yet another part to be serviced, rebuilt or replace on Encore‘s Volvo diesel. This time it’s the raw water pump dripping from the weep hole … and indication the seal is no longer keeping the water in the pump. This is a normal wear item and most cruisers not only carry a spare impeller and possibly seals (requiring bench work) but often a spare raw water pump. In my case, the previous owner left behind the old water pump … frozen and in need of a rebuild.

Initially my plan was to take it home to my bench and order the parts to rebuild it (may still attempt), but after talking with a marine pump rebuilder, he happened to have a direct replacement not requiring me to ship back my core — he asked for an offer since it had been in his inventory a while. I came in on the low side (near the cost of rebuilding my current pump) and he said ok plus a few bucks for shipping. If all goes well, I’ll call with a card tomorrow and have a new pump heading my way. A few more dollars, but nearly half the price of a new bronze pump. (let’s just hope it really is a direct fit replacement!)


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