Finally added the corner desk area to my workbench

Posted By on November 24, 2015


After cleaning out the garage workshop to prepare for my woodstove addition, I removed the drawing table/desk area that I added when I was building the Sonex airplane (no longer needed since selling my project). The desktop was almost a perfect fit for the corner area in my basement workshop so I put it in this past Sunday while cleaning up the shop. Nice … now it is both functional and added that finished corner look that use to be just dead space.


Item two … was a new tool … well actually a Kreg jig. I’ve wanted the full kit for years but they are just too expensive. The single little bit and guide though was only $19 AND I needed it wanted it for a project (there are always ways around). It is a great timesaving system … next time I might even buy their special fasteners! This time I just used 3” drywall screws.


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