Uncertainty, regulation and taxes taint the year for investors

Posted By on December 16, 2015


The relatively flat year for stocks reflects the sentiment of many Americans who instinctively know the long and slow economic recovery has been unnecessarily hindered by politicians. The United States is certainly capable of stronger grow overall and in my opinion the blame lands heavily on the burdensome regulation, high corporate taxes and bloated government within certain states and in Washington DC.

We need to wake up and call out those who leech off the backs of the entrepreneurs and hard working laborers in this country. America once embraced hard work and financial engine of capitalism which has proven to be the model for lifting societies. Unfortunately I’m not encouraged listening to the squabbling at the GOP debates and have little confidence that a Hillary Clinton presidency will drastically change the progressive agenda advanced by the Democrats and 7 years of President Obama. Perhaps those on Wall Street are just reflecting the political trend and see little reason to invest optimistically?


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