Replacement options for a tabletop Delta drill press chuck

Posted By on February 16, 2016

One of the tools inherited from my dad’s workshop was his small tabletop drill press. Unbeknownst  to me, there is a wobble after mounting a bit. I removed the chuck and it looks as if that is the problem … tried to test the arbor and don’t think it is off???


This is a backup drill press that I’m planning to use in the basement “woodworking” shop; it is small and handy for precision projects. It would be nice to fix it without spending too many dollars, so off to eBay

Speaking of drill presses, I never really liked my cheap somewhat rusting Chinese drill press in my garage shop or breaking down my original Shopsmith just to drill a few holes, so this will be nice to have working. I’m hoping to find an inexpensive ball bearing chuck that fits the taper, especially if it solves the problem – stay tuned.


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