Busy Estate Sale weekend for the Corbetts

Posted By on June 5, 2016

It was a busy weekend for a few of us in our family. My brother, his wife Claire and son Jaben, my cousin Diane and her husband Bert, as well as Brenda and myself decided to self-sell the balance of my mom and dad’s home contents rather than have an auction. It was quite a bit more work, but in the end was a fun time for most of us.

Brenda pointed out that having a sale would have been my mom’s choice as she regularly enjoyed having a garage sale with her favorite niece (Diane) and daughters-in-laws. I agree … as it was a time for “bonding” and keeping the family together. Although I could do without the long prep in getting things ready, I did enjoy the time with family and a positive outcome in selling most of the contents in the house. We are a step closer to selling the house!


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