Quirks, Jars and a PC name for Milwaukee Dill Pickles

Posted By on June 4, 2016

Talk about “desultory” … who else blogs on Milwaukee Dill pickle “jars???”

NewMilwaukeeDillJar OldMilwaukeeDillJars

Like George Berdes (link), I love Milwaukee Midget Dill Pickles … although I’m not so sure about the corporate conglomerate brand Pinnacle Foods? I add “5” midget dills to my plate at every home lunch and have done this for years with my PBJ and pile of chips or pretzels (box of jars above). I mention “5 pickles” since it has been pointed out that I have a neurosis that need to be addressed. My quirk is that  I eat 5 … not 4 or 6 … but five pickles with my sandwich — and I get particularly annoyed when my wife takes one or two off my plate. Speaking of quirks … I make my sandwich with Jif CRUNCHY peanut butter and Smucker’s Low-Sugar Strawberry preserves preferably on Pepperidge Farm Italian bread.
I almost forgot the point of this post … the new jars are better! They have a wider mouth and a bigger lid; easier to get pickles out and better for paints, etc for a secondary use! Interestingly  the company has gone “politically correct” … the Midget Dill Pickles are now called “Petite” Dill Pickles.


  Milwaukee Dill Pickles | George Berdes from 2004


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