Jerry Skinner talks about #MH17 with @MariaBartiromo

Posted By on June 8, 2016

As the second anniversary approaches of the downing of #MH17 by Russian missiles over the Ukraine, my brother-in-law Jerry Skinner is doing what he can to keep the tragedy in front of the public eye. Pressure on politicians for them to pursue justice, compensation and a admission from Russia and Putin (a long shot) is what will prevent reckless actions in the future.


In today’s world of smartphones and social networking, there is a amazing amount of evidence that this was not just poorly trained Ukranian rebels mistakenly firing a Buk missle at a commercial airliner that was over 30,000 feet in the air (that was my personal assumption). After learning more, too much is known about the Russian crew, the Russian officers and those who authorizes the movement of this missle carrier. Those investigating can track the route this particular missile carrier took from Russia to the Ukraine and then back after the launch. Images and interviews have forensically tracked this carrier and crew (think social media, cellphone pictures and even directions being asked for in Russian). There are enough ties to Russia if there is political will to listen and demand justice. We’ll see, but with the interedendencies for trade and energy, mixed with corruption and politics in the world today, doesn’t make it easy for justice to prevail for the families seeking accountablity.

Jerry was on with Maria Bartiromo‘s FoxBusiness morning show yesterday for a few minutes explaining the case (Video below).


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