Found an authentic Hawk emblem for the Packard

Posted By on July 12, 2016

A week or so ago I posted a "to do" list item that I really should helped my dad with when he asked. He loved all old cars and in particular showing his off. PackardTrunkHawkEmblemI remember him asking if the Internet could be used to help search for  a missing a trunk emblem for his (now mine) 1958 Packard Hawk. I regret now that I didn’t put in a little more effort into finding one for him — he would have appreciated it.

After my buddy Tim posted a link in the comments, I decided rather than take the easy way out and buy an aftermarket knock-off, that I would do a little more serious shopping to see if I could find an authentic emblem. The discussion on a few old car forums is that most re-makes aren’t even close to the original, so I really wanted to hold off a bit. As is common with older parts if you find them, they are usually less than perfect.

I found one on eBay  from a guy who collects and sells them and decided to offer $15 and keep looking. Sure enough, he accepted the offer without even countering and didn’t even ask me to pay for the shipping? As a millennial would say, "SCORE."  
Winking smile I think with a little TLC that this one will be perfect. (thanks again Tim, your link was the swift kick I needed to put a little effort into searching).


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