My anger is boiling over today after the killings in Dallas

Posted By on July 8, 2016

I can’t stomach posting anything polite today after the horrendous targeted sniping of police officers in Dallas, Texas Thursday night. It is an policeriskingallabsolutely senseless murder of 5 police officers (6 wounded) after a relatively peaceful Black Lives Matter protest/rally. These were officers who were just doing their job of crowd control and keeping citizens safe, even if the movement was critical of their profession. There is no justification imaginable for any American to condone or try to justify the act of killing police officers … yet there are plenty attempting to do just that on social networks – it is disturbing! I’m doing my best to contain my anger and frustration, particularly towards those politicians, from President Obama on down, who continue to divide the country at every turn; they are fanning flames of hate.

I don’t know if there is any reasoned Rules_for_Radicalsor subconscious motivation behind dividing America along our many differences … I don’t want to believe that our elected politicians or my fellow citizens would purposely do such a thing? Unfortunately it is seeming more and more likely that the teachings in "Rules for Radicals" are being implemented by the extreme left as a way to achieve their ultimate objective in the United States.

There was a time I thought these Sal Alinsky principles were used by those on the political "right" to neuter their left leaning opponents (like article below), BUT I’m starting to believe there might be something more to it? Those who have studied or written about Sal Alinsky (Obama, Clinton) … or those who justify their own ethical consequentialism and aggressive political activism … may believe the ends justify the means? Scary stuff to think this might be happening.



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