Quickly spun up a new server and volume with Digital Ocean

Posted By on August 10, 2016

One of the great things about working with Digital Ocean is the ability to spin up a new droplet server based on a previously saved image/backups within a few minutes. Due to recent improvement of adding volumes in order to expand volumeDOstorage, currently only a couple of their data centers, I opted to image an older Linux server to a new datacenter supporting "volumes." The advantage is the addition of less expensive and "resizable as needed" data storage that works handily with their current platform. This makes a smaller and less expensive server ideal for archiving larger yet retrievable files. For my company’s purpose, this means my clients can have decades worth of previous printing archives only a click away for very little cost.

Digital Ocean is a great company and highly recommended for those who are comfortable spinning up their own cloud servers and has me rethinking my other cloud-based archiving … although Amazon’s S3 reliability, speed and value for the dollar is hard to beat.


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