Sensible economic thinking from business CEO Andy Puzder

Posted By on August 11, 2016

There are people who have the ability to communicate and can make "simple-sense" of the usually complicated economic issues facing our country. ShrinkingEconomicPieI’d like to believe that IF enough voters are willing to digest the three minutes of conversation below, that they would be less inclined to "dis" a business oriented pro-growth policy that is a win-win for all who want an improving America.

Andy_PuzderAndy Puzder, a once very  successful trial lawyer and now CEO — who saved CKE Restaurants and made them profitable (Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr), is one such guy. He was able to communicate a commonsense and simple message yesterday on Mornings with MariaFox Business. I wish those who have been struggling to improve their lot in life since the recession and have resisted pro-grow, business friendly solutions as a way to improve our economy, would at least recognize that the Obama/Clinton solutions of a bigger centralized government imposing more regulations, borrowing trillions and demanding higher taxes does not work. Why voters prefers slicing a shrinking pie into smaller and smaller pieces is beyond me? If the last 8 years have proven anything, it is that the current path we are on does not promote economic growth, create jobs, raise wages or improve conditions for the middle and lower class majority in our country. We need to wake up before it is too late.

  MorningsMaria | Three minutes with Andy Puzder 8/10/2016


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