More repairs and parts. The John Deere 330 diesel this time.

Posted By on October 17, 2016

JD330FuelFilterRebuildActually this repair is long, LONG overdue. A decade or so ago when I was heavy into running biodiesel, a sticky batch of fuel ended up in our John Deere. I really never hesitated to run about anything in this little Yanmar diesel engine, but the biodiesel was a mistake.

The solvent nature of the methanol used in processing vegetable oil into a viscous biodiesel fuel for diesel engines, really did a number on the rubber fuel components and lines in our early 1980s tractor. Eventually I replaced all the fuel lines and components (including the fuel filter) with something new. The lines were replaced with either copper or Viton (resists the corrosive methanol) and I picked up a different "sight tube" oriented fuel filter. It has all worked great, but I always knew putting a smaller micron "paper" filter back in was the right thing to do.

So, last week when working on the John Deere 330 Generator project, I cleaned up the old fuel filter, replaced the o-rings and bought a new filter cartridge. All that is left is to take things apart and re-plumb.


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