Scavenger from one furnace to keep another furnace going

Posted By on December 20, 2016

PropaneBlueRhinoHeater16121A chill is in the air, but likely that has more to do with our 21 year old 80,000 BTU furnace acting up. We have three furnaces so I’m hoping it is the "pressure switch" once again; it does seem to be the weak links on modern high-efficiency furnaces (or could be all furnaces for all I know?)

Since we have a second smaller Bryant 40,000 BTU basement furnace (already needs an expensive board), I’m going to Jerry Rig one furnace’s "pressure switch" by using the others, if my short circuiting trick works. In the meantime, in from the garage shop comes my knockoff "carbon monoxide producing Mr. Heater machine" and Blue Rhino tank of propane left over from my buddy Jeff’s old grill that I updated to a Natural Gas grill.

Important point to readers:
Only run a Mr. Heater or like in a well vented space with fresh air and even then for only short intervals (carbon monoxide poisoning). 

Speaking of cold, our 14 degrees today is nothing like Katelyn, Drew and "Babygirl Oostra" are having in Minneapolis! Brr … I hope their furnace is tuned up.

Katelyn sent me her Nissan Juke dash temperature gauge yesterday!


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