Learning more about my new Panasonic Lumix GX8

Posted By on January 4, 2017

A little testing of the somewhat faster Lumix 4/5s 25mm f 1.8 Prime lens vs the Lumix 14 – 140 slower f 3.5 zoom gave me surprising results on closer distances, LumixEdgeToEdge_f9at least different than I expected.

First off, neither lens impressed me when it came to edge to edge sharpness. The Prime lens "may" have edged out the zoom only at f 9 and higher f-stops(photo right), but for most closer center sharpness photos both lenses were about the same: 14-140 zoom at 24mm and prime lens the normal 25mm (equivalent to standard 35’s normal lens).

It wasn’t easy to demonstrate, but a full sized 100% and 200% screen view of both below illustrate that sharpness is relatively equal when it comes to center sharpness. Still the key is going to be better lighting, aperture settings of at least f 5.6 and ISO in the lower numbers … all of these are at ISO 200. For those unfamiliar with camera steadiness … try to keep the shutter settings at 1/50 and faster when at a 50mm equivalent and steady the camera against something as you slowly trigger the shutter … better yet, use a tripod and external shutter release or the timer.

SharpnessComparisonLumix100 SharpnessComparisonLumix200
Click images for LARGE versions

All in all I expected a little better sharpness from the 4/5 Lumix lenses … especially toward the outside image edges. I’d have to compare a little bit closer with a full size large sensored DLSR and professional lens, but for optimum sharpness I’m going to have to do some careful shooting. As they say in the automotive world, "your mileage may vary."


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