A few more photos for the Encore archive

Posted By on February 12, 2017


Posting a few leftover photos from my last trip to the boat. One is a waterproof fitting to bring the solar cable thru Encore‘s deck (eventually a new project) … and a couple more of an early morning sunrise at the dock at Harbortown Marina in Fort Pierce. Really the trip was a quick getaway to escape the cold and do a few maintenance items. Cleaning, above and below the waterline, and to work on an overheating Volvo diesel problem. Nothing major, but I did end up putting a new impeller and thin oil-paper gasket on the raw water pump. I also wire cleaned the water intake thru-hull and that along with purging a little air from the new Vetus strainer may have cured the engine overheating issue (crossing my fingers). 

While I was there, I also helped friends Mark and Dar a little bit with loading a truck for their move up to Georgia. I’m going to really miss having them in Florida … but plan on making as many excuses as I can to see them in their new home in Savannah. They even tease me that I have my own room (although probably decorated with Pittsburgh Steelers ‘garbage!’ Ugh!) It is great to have friends like them.



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