How-to: Early spring cleaning chores and practice run

Posted By on February 18, 2017


We have high ceilings in a couple areas of our house and one of the challenging chores is dusting or "de-webbing" the corners and edges some 20 feet up. Oh you would think it would be easy with a ladder, but you would be wrong. First, I don’t have an indoor ladder capable of reaching up that high and second … standing on the top rung of an 8 foot folding ladder isn’t fun or safe!  So instead I tape a PVC pipe to one of a wood floors Swiffer "type" Duster and work my way around the rooms. Unfortunately "looking up" has me detecting more cracks and blemishes than I want to see; I’m reminded we no longer live in a new house?

Pregnancy Update:

Our daughter is now over 8 months pregnant and closing in on the delivery date. Katelyn is feeling great and just made a "practice run" with Drew to the hospital this weekend. We are all excited for the "real run" next month, but only hope they don’t cut it as close as Brenda and I did when making the long drive to the hospital in 1986 – we barely made it!



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