Painted heirloom wicker chairs on this Father’s Day weekend

Posted By on June 18, 2017


It is good day when projects get accomplished. Saturday was a sunny and dry for the painting of my GREAT grandparents’ two wicker chairs (unsure, but think they were from my Grandmother Ruth “Walker” Bluhm side). My Grandmother and Grandfather Bluhm used them for years on their Wright Avenue front porch in Toledo Ohio, then my mom treasured them so much she “cable locked them” to their front porch in Sidney.

These were chairs I really wanted from my parents estate and although we used them last year, they were in need of “another” coat of protective paint (who knows how many … but I do know there was green paint many years ago — likely LEAD based???)

I powerwashed the chair “lightly” after brushing any loose paint off with a stiff brush a few weeks ago and made sure they were completely dry — sun and then stored them inside. After debating between a new coat of Latex trim paint, I decided to try an oil based enamel in hopes a few sprayed on thin coats would penetrate the tiny cracks and grooved better? Only time will tell. So far they look good.

Since it is Father’s Day weekend, my son took both Brenda and I out to dinner at Chilis on Montgomery Road as a halfway point and for the memories of when we first moved to Cincinnati. Chilis is a long time favorite of mine (and both Brenda and Taylor too). Thank you Taylor!

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EDIT 6/18/2017: I had to include a Facebook post from Taylor as it doesn’t get much better than this for a father.

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad who has always been there throughout my life. Thank you for being my biggest fan, greatest teacher and most respected counsel. Love, Your Son and Biggest Fan


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