Put out some baby powder to see what is sneaking around

Posted By on June 17, 2017

TrackingCritters170616The population of rodents and critters has risen in the years we’ve been living in Liberty Township, Ohio. We have either encroach on the critters … or more likely encroached on the predators of the critters. In either case, we have more and more of them in our yard and boldly closing in on the house and detached — likely the absence of Tootsie is a key?

I’ve been tracking down and live trapping a number of the bigger ones (raccoons and unfortunately skunks!) but the smaller ones are becoming a concern as well. I’m talking about chipmunks and squirrels. I’ve been setting smaller live traps without success and may have to try more drastic measures. In fact, on the next trip with Jeff skeet shooting we may spend some time at the rifle range sighting in my new 3-9 x 50 Hawke scope, although doubt .223 is the appropriate round for a chipmunk! (Just so I won’t alarm anyone, I’ll probably just use an air rifle on the squirrels and pick up a new trap for the chipmunks.)


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