Testing new iPhone7Plus camera & telephoto

Posted By on July 9, 2017

The new iPhone7 Plus is a bit too large for my taste at the moment, especially coming from the iPhone5. I like the speed and the bigger screen, but not the bulk, especially with the new protective case. So … I ordered thinner case (maybe too thin) that should be in this week, but since I purchased Applecare “insurance,” perhaps a light-duty case will be fine?

A couple evenings ago thunderstorms moved through the area and left us with a beautiful evening sky. While I was out picking up branches and sticks up off the driveway,  I took the opportunity to compare the standard lens on the iPhone7+ to the “optical” telephoto. The photos below are the reduced size but untouched photos — standard on the left and the same scene with tele on the right.

While on the topic of a new phone, the new carrier VirginMobileUSA and InnerCircle $1 for a year service plan was working great, so I decided to try and move Brenda from Ting (which has been great for us) to VirginMobileUSA. I was able to persuade them add her “relatively new” iPhone7 to the $1 per year InnerCircle plan … even though she didn’t techincally buy a new phone through Virgin. That said, the overwhelmed customer service department is not up to speed on activating and messed up my existing number. Ugh! I ended up with a temporay  number for 24 hours while they tried to recover my old phone number. Thankfully I’m back in service again … and if all goes well, should have 2-lines of unlimited talk, text and data* for 12 months all for buying one new iPhone. Sweet deal if the service continues to be solid.

* I did lose the personal hotspot moving from Ting to VirginMobile, but can add it for $10/mo. I may give it a try on my next trip to the boat since we don’t have wifi at the condo and the marina wifi is pretty questionable at times. 


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