Am I just a cheapskate or secretly a doomsday prepper?

Posted By on October 1, 2017

PatchingShorts170930Who doesn’t have favorite pairs of shorts … or think about the potential for hard times or a doomsday?

I have a few shorts, jeans, jackets, etc and can’t bear to part with them when they get a tear or a hole and are worn bare … so end up looking for ways to stretch their life a little be longer. On Saturday morning I wasted an hour and a half getting out the Sailrite sewing machine and stitching a couple patches to the inside of my work shorts before heading out for yard chores.

Where is my commonsense? Likely the new hem (added to the bottom) and reinforced patches to cover holes aren’t going to last many more washings … but at least I’m ready for North Korea’s EMP strike (I probably should not joke about that?)

Anyway … I’ll get a least one more day out of these "comfortable" shorts.


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