Finally repaired my out of production Marlin lever action rifle

Posted By on October 31, 2017

Although I don’t think the Marlin company makes my .357 magnum Model 1894 lever action rifle anymore, I was finally able to scrounge the parts to repair it. I’ve had this beautiful short barreled saddle rifle since high school as it matched the caliber of my short barreled revolver. PartMarlinLever1894I have enjoyed it through most of the 1970-90s until some internal damage years ago (my son Taylor knows why –  cough, cough).  I’ve search for parts and inquired with a gunsmith to no avail … but recently found a few parts. I picked up the final screw last week from Brownells last weekend and voila, it is working again (still want to have a gunsmith or firearms expert look at it to be sure all works the way it should). It feels good to have one of my favorite “Politically Correct” rifles back in working order – “PC” for those unfamiliar with firearms basically means it is not a “black” or has that negative perception of something that looks military or like assault rifle


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